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Kirschenbaum & Phillips, P.C.

The Langel Firm defends consumers against New York state court collection lawsuits brought by Kirschenbaum & Phillips, P.C. In appropriate cases, we may also take action against Kirschenbaum & Phillips, P.C. on your behalf in federal court for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


The Langel Firm has successfully defended consumers in cases brought by Kirschenbaum & Phillips on behalf of original creditors such as Capital One and Discover and debt buyers such as First Financial Investment Fund, Palisades Collection, KMT Enterprises, and Pinnacle Credit Services.

The Langel Firm Overturns $38K Garnishment by LR Credit 4, LLC, represented by Kirschenbaum & Philips, P.C. See the blog here.

We caused dismissal of Kirschenbaum & Phillips, P.C.'s credit-card case due to its procedural delays. See the blog here.

Facing a $41,986 garnishment by Rushmore Recoveries X, LLC, represented by Kirschenbaum & Philips, P.C., our firm quickly sought dismissal of the garnishment and of the underlying judgment on grounds of lack of legal authority due to defective assignment documentation. We separately threatened the attorneys with retaliatory action under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for misrepresentation of the judgment creditor. Rushmore dropped the garnishment, vacated its own judgment, and relinquished the claim for the entire sum of $41,986. (Rushmore Recoveries v. KH, #37828/05, NY Civil Court).

NorthStar Capital Acquisitions, LLC, represented by Kirschenbaum & Philips, P.C., agreed to vacate (overturn) its own judgment of $9,716.97 entered in 2008 and drop its claim for the entire debt. We argued that the judgment was premised on a falsified affidavit of service while producing proof that the process server had his serving license revoked for misconduct. (NorthStar Capital Acquisitions, LLC v. K.H., #27363, NY Civil Court).


Kirschenbaum & Phillips is a New York domestic profession corporation with an office in Levittown, New York.