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You deserve quality representation. Collectors may rely on faulty information and questionable affidavits of service. Often, default judgments arise from serving old addresses. Together, we can back-track and raise defenses at every available opportunity, including post-judgment.

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Debt Collection Lawsuits

Whether it's for $500 or $500,000, a debt-collection lawsuit can lead to devastating consequences if not properly defended against. All we do at The Langel Firm is defend consumers and fight debt collectors. We constantly study and use all procedural and substantive laws to fight collection lawyers and overturn money judgments. Read more about debt collection lawsuits

Collection Abuse

We sue debt collectors, debt buyers, and collection lawyers for violations ranging from misrepresenting facts to blatantly seizing assets without proper due process. Many collectors lack training in the basic consumer laws designed to protect you. We hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Read more about collection abuse

Credit-Reporting Violations

As a means of collecting debt, collectors furnish damaging information to the credit reporting agencies. Bad credit hurts your ability to get loans, buy cars, and obtain housing. Collectors who report false or outdated information may be liable under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Read more about credit reporting violations

Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt represents the bulk of the debt types we defend against. The same problems of "robo signing" and bad proof you've heard about in the mortgage industry may be even worse in the credit-card collection industry. Credit-card debts are pooled together and sold in massive bundles for pennies on the dollar. Serious evidentiary problems arise when delinquent accounts are transferred in this fashion. We focus on challenging evidence purporting to establish ownership and amount of the debt. An entire body of law relates to this area. Read more about credit card debt

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Medical Debt

After a medical emergency, such as an injury or illness, the costs of medical treatment can range into the tens of thousands, or even higher. Collectors for hospitals and medical providers can be relentless at your most vulnerable time. State and federal privacy laws are implicated when unscrupulous collectors use this information against you to compel payment. Read more about medical debt

Cell Phone Bills

Delinquent cell phone debt, like credit card debt, is pooled together and sold in bundles for pennies on the dollar. I see just as much – if not more – abuse in this industry. Debt buyers are quick to buy these debts and sue indiscriminately. Special laws may apply to shorten the time in which a collector can sue you for a cell phone bill. I see innocent parties being targeted for cell phone debt. Read more about cell phone bills

Know Your Rights

Powerful consumer laws relating to defending lawsuits and vacating judgments exist to protect you as the consumer against the powerful collection industry. Get a skilled consumer lawyer on your side to help. Read more about how to know your rights

Stop Harassment

The mere existence of legal representation may bring you legal relief. For example, neither collectors nor their attorneys may contact you directly if you're represented by an attorney. If they do, they are liable under state and federal law. The earlier you hire a lawyer, the quicker relief you'll get from harassment and adverse legal consequences. Read more about how to stop harassment

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

This federal Act is a broad, powerful set of restrictions to remedy the widespread abuse and harassment of debt collectors to extract payment from you. A violation of this Act can entitle you to $1,000, unlimited actual damages, and your attorneys' fees paid. Offending collectors may end up paying you. Read more about Fair Debt Collection Practices Act...

Garnished Wages

Have you received a Notice of Wage Garnishment by a Marshal, Sheriff, or your employer? This tells you that you've been sued, and suffered a judgment, maybe through default. Don't let your hard-earned wages to be taken. Contact us immediately to stop the garnishment. Read more about garnished wages

Frozen Bank Accounts

You attempt to withdraw money using your ATM card and you're declined because a collection lawyer froze your bank account. All it took was that lawyer mailing to your bank a "restraining notice." It is a legally permissible enforcement device only if the judgment itself is valid, which it presumptively is. But the judgment may be premised on defective notice, improper service, or inaccurate data making the restraining notice susceptible to challenge. Read more about frozen bank accounts...

Court Appearances

Are you facing a court appearance? Anxious about how to handle it? Consult us for a consultation to discuss your case strategy. We can figure out the quickest, best way to protect you. We are familiar with the court practices in each borough of New York. Read more about court appearances

Credit Card Lawsuits

Credit-card lawsuits continue to flood New York City courts at staggering rates. Studies continue to show that many consumers are not being properly served with the summons and complaint. Some studies show that up to 80% of consumers default (do not answer the complaint). Minorities tend to be hardest hit. A very low percentage of consumers who are sued get an attorneys, which may lead to bad financial consequences. Read more about credit card lawsuits...

Consumer Protection / Consumer Fraud

Consumer-protection law ensures fair business practices and the free flow of truthful information in the marketplace. The Langel Firm prides itself for standing up for the underrepresented consumer in this mega-metropolis where consumers' rights often get overlooked. Read more about consumer defense law

Money / Default Judgments

The unfortunate result of not filing an answer is the threatening default judgment. It's a legal declaration that you owe whatever the judgment claims. You always want to prevent a judgment because it allows the creditor to freeze your bank account, garnish your wages, and search for other assets. But even if a judgment has been entered against you, it's not too late; We may be able to help you to overturn that judgment Read more about money / default judgments...

Types of Debt: 95% of our practice relates to defending claims of credit-card debt, retail credit card debt, car loans, personal loans, back rent, cell phone, bills utilities, and repossession balances. Whatever the debt type at issue, collectors must fully comply with all laws. Read more about types of debt

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