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Money/Default Judgments in New York City

A default judgment ("money judgment") arises from a party's failure to appear in court. A default judgment is just as enforceable as a judgment obtained after a trial. Your judgment creditor may enforce it by means of freezing your bank account, garnishing your wages, or placing a lien against your home. Avoiding the entry of a default judgment is highly important.

We always check to see if you were properly notified of the lawsuit that resulted in a judgment. Additional notice requirements are now mandated under the Consumer Credit Fairness Act. For more information about it, see 5 Powerful Lawsuit Defenses for New York Debtors in 2022.

Speak with a New-York-City debt-defense attorney to discuss the decisive action we need to take to remove the threat.

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If you have any indication that a judgment has been entered against you, contact us immediately. You may be able to claim exemptions while we investigate the facts of the case.

You will know if a default judgment has been entered against you because of the following:

  • You received a notice of garnishment or execution by a marshal or sheriff
  • You discovered a judgment on your credit report
  • You received claim exemption forms from your bank
  • You received a restraining notice from a lawyer or your bank
  • You received a letter from any lawyer or creditor claiming it has a judgment

"Time is of the essence" if a judgment has been entered against you. Contact a New York debt defense attorney if you are facing a money judgment.

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