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About Bad Service of Papers and Fair Debt Collection in New York City

Debt collection lawsuits continue to flood the New York City civil court system. Studies show that NYC Civil Courts are dubbed the "credit card courts." Yet, studies show that around 1% of consumers hire an attorney. Compounding the problem is the constant injustice of bad service, or "sewer service," meaning that people are unaware of the cases because process servers fail to deliver the papers.

The Firm's findings are consistent with Debt Deception,[1] a New York City study that round that approximately 71% of debtors were not served or served improperly. This gap creates enormous opportunity for collectors to cut corners on evidence and make mistakes and carry out unfair litigation practices.

For example, collection lawyers may not:

  • Sue you twice for the same debt
  • Sue you for the wrong amount
  • Sue you without a proper license
  • Sue you in the wrong county
  • Sue you without attorney review
  • Sue you without legal custody of the debt
  • Sue you for interest, charges, and attorney's fees without authorization

Any time you are facing a lawsuit, contact New York debt defense attorney for a free consultation to know your rights and protect them.

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Debt collectors may not:

  • Call family, friends, or neighbors
  • Call your workplace in most circumstances
  • Call you repeatedly
  • Insult, yell, or harass you
  • Make threats of lawsuits, garnishments, liens or arrest
  • Deceive you
  • Mislead you
  • Misrepresent facts
  • Make certain identification disclosures

You deserve money damages and attorney's fees for these acts. But you must prove them. The Langel Firm actively sues for these violations. Our expertise and comfort in defensive litigation puts your collector on notice that we fight these matters aggressively and will do everything to protect you.

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[1] Debt Deception, How Debt Buyers Abuse the Legal System to Prey on Lower Income New Yorkers, May 2010, available at