New York City Debt Collection Defense Attorney
Cutting-Edge Legal Representation Manageable Fee Structures

New York City Debt Collection Defense Attorney

Debt Collection Lawsuits: Fight Back!

Jesse Langel and The Langel Firm are honored to use our expertise to fight your debt-collection lawsuit. We defend you in litigation against debt-collection cases of all types. The Firm has developed a way to deliver a high-quality legal defense while offering manageable fee structures to clients. Whatever the debt type, we aim to obtain the best results possible; whether it's to defeat it in court, settle it, or develop a counterclaim.

Whether you're being sued by a bank (e.g., Citibank, Chase, Discover, Capital One, HSBC, etc.) or an unknown debt buyer (e.g., Midland Funding, LR Credit, Palisades Collection, LLC), we challenge every element of the case brought against you, including: notice; ownership; amount; interest' fees; governing law; contract; disclosures and terms; time expiration or "statute of limitations"; attorneys involved; court house; and other factors which we consider relevant and advantageous.

Regardless of the status of the debt – pre-lawsuit v. post-lawsuit – The Langel Firm can help you position yourself with your best legal defenses.

Click the below link to learn how to best prioritize your debts, and how to assess the statute of limitations.

Contact a New York credit collection abuse lawyer from our firm for a free review of your case. You may have the right to recover damages.