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New York City Debt Collection Defense Attorney

Debt Collection Lawsuits: Fight Back!

The Langel Firm is proud to use its consumer protection background and litigation expertise to fight your credit card lawsuit. The Firm has developed a way to deliver a quality legal defense while possibly getting you money for violations of your rights. Whatever the debt type, we aim to defeat the lawsuit and countersue for collection and credit reporting abuses. We challenge all evidence to drastically improve your bargaining position, and many times recover money deceitfully taken from you.

Whether you're being sued by a bank (e.g., Citibank, Chase, Discover, Capital One, HSBC, etc.) or an unknown debt buyer (e.g., Midland Funding, LR Credit, Palisades Collection, LLC), we challenge every aspect of the case brought against you, including notice, ownership, amount, interest, fees, governing law, contract, disclosures and terms, time expiration, attorneys involved, court house, and other factors we consider relevant and advantageous. Whichever entity is suing you is probably not expecting the fierce opposition of The Langel Firm.

Regardless of the status of the debt – pre-lawsuit v. post-lawsuit – The Langel Firm will help you position yourself for your best legal defense. We also aggressively seek any money taken from you wrongfully, and evaluate the possibility of recovering money for you because of collection

Contact a New York credit collection abuse lawyer from our firm for a free review of your case. You may have the right to recover damages.