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Garnished wages? We can help.

If your wages are unexpectedly being garnished, you were sued and likely suffered a default judgment. This judgment entitles your creditor to hire a marshal or sheriff to seize your wages. We stop marshals and sheriffs by filing papers signed by a judge that legally stops them. Then we simply drag the creditor back in court to demand that your case be reopened and that you are given a chance to defend yourself.

Fairly complicated procedural law governs this area of law. It is wise to hire an attorney to stop a wage garnishment and assert your defenses to the underlying debt. You may read this blog post to get a summary of the law.

In numerous cases, The Langel Firm has recovered all money taken by wage garnishment because of bad service. So if you feel that you have been paying unfairly into a wage garnishment, call us immediately.

Wage Garnishment Lawyer Serving New York

The Langel Firm stops garnishments in all New York City boroughs and Long Island. We are familiar with the processes in each borough. We use them to your advantage. The right to due process is inherent in a lawful wage garnishment. Certain notices and claim forms and must be served on you and your employer in compliance with state laws. 90% of your income earned within the last 60 days is exempt but you must properly complete and send exemption claim forms to release your money.

There is nothing worse than relinquishing your hard-earned money to a debt collector, especially when carried out unjustly and unfairly. You need the skill and competence of a defense lawyer to protect you and enforce your rights.

Contact a New York wage garnishment lawyer if you are facing a wage garnishment.

How Much of my Wages can be Garnished? Summary of New York Law