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Garnished wages? We can help.

Even at the wage-garnishment stage, a good attorney can help. The first defensive measure is to stop enforcement of the wage garnishment. Our firm files papers to legally cause a "stay" (short injunction) against wage garnishments. A "stay" temporarily puts the garnishment on hold until resolution of all of our relief requested. We are happy to help you remove the legal "garnishment" deductions from your paycheck.

You may read this blog post to get a summary of the law.

In some cases, The Langel Firm has recovered all monies garnished due to demonstrably bad service. If you sense that you were not properly notified of a wage garnishment, contact us immediately.

Wage Garnishment Lawyer Serving New York

The Langel Firm stops garnishments in all New York City and most of New York State. We use every weakness we find to your advantage. The right to due process is inherent in a lawful wage garnishment. Certain notices and claim forms must be served on you before a lawful wage garnishment may commence.

Without due process, we'd hate to see you relinquish your hard-earned wages due to a legally assailable judgment. As you can imagine, a little investigation uncovers a lot. We are happy to use our skills and resources to help you obtain quick legal relief against that wage garnishment.

Contact a New York wage garnishment lawyer if you are facing a wage garnishment.