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The Langel firm defends consumers against New York state court collection lawsuits brought by VION Holdings, LLC.

VION Holdings, LLC purchases defaulted consumer debt to collect and sue on them. Affiliated names include VION Holdings II, LLC and VION Receivable Investments.

Shield yourself from financial distress with our focused legal services. At our firm, we provide a robust defense against collection lawsuits, wage garnishments, and bank seizures instigated by plaintiffs such as VION HOLDINGS, LLC. We offer:

  • Comprehensive defense strategies for a variety of consumer debts including credit card debt, medical bills, and tuition fees.
  • Legal guidance and representation in the field of judgment-enforcement defense, particularly in cases involving wage garnishments, bank seizures, and lawsuits (summons and complaints).

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VION Holdings: Motion Denied Over Unproven Debt Assignment

In VION HOLDINGS, LLC v. KELLEY ACE, Vion Holdings unsuccessfully sought a judgment on pleadings, claiming Ace admitted to a debt. The court found discrepancies in Vion's assertions, noting Ace recognized a debt to Best Buy, not Vion, and the debt amount varied. Additionally, Vion failed to show evidence of debt assignment. Therefore, Vion's motion was denied. (CV-13-392, 08-28-2013).

Key takeaway: Accurate admissions and clear evidence are crucial when asserting debt assignment claims. Debt assignment must be properly proven, not inferred from admissions regarding a different entity.

VION Holdings, LLC: Denied Judgement on Credit Card Debt Case

In Palmer v. Vion Holdings, LLC and Law Office of Curtis O'Barnes, PC No. 12CV0522 JAH WMC, the plaintiffs alleged that VION Holdings, LLC did the following acts:

  1. Unlawful and abusive debt collection: The plaintiffs claim that the defendants tried to unlawfully and abusively collect a debt they allegedly owed, causing damage to them.
  2. Filing of baseless lawsuits: The defendants are accused of filing a lawsuit in state court with no merit or evidentiary support, for the sole purpose of pressuring the plaintiffs into paying the alleged debt.
  3. False representation: It is alleged that the defendants falsely claimed an "account stated" had been established between the plaintiffs and Vion Holdings, LLC, despite no such agreement being in place.
  4. Violation of the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA): The plaintiffs claim that the defendants violated CROA (15 U.S.C. § 1679 et seq.) by using deceptive means in relation to the alleged debt.

VION Acquires $72 Million Commercial Credit Card Portfolio

On January 6, 2013, VION announced its acquisition of a portfolio consisting of $72 million in credit card debt. Larry L. Curran II, Executive Vice President of VION, stated that the acquisition "perfectly demonstrates VION's strengths." He further stated that the company has "the expertise to acquire commercial or consumer assets anywhere in the receivable lifecycle from origination through charge-off." The company is seeking to move into the medical, education, and manufacturing sectors, as well as opening a European office in Madrid. (

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VION Holdings, LLC Biographical Information

Vion Holdings, LLC is a foreign limited liability company incorporated in Delaware and is principally located at 400 Interstate North Parkway, Suite 800, Atlanta, Georgia, 30339. Vion Holdings, LLC is licensed (#1411781) by the Department of Consumer Affairs to collect debts in the City of New York.

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