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We stand strong in defense against collection lawsuits, wage garnishments, and bank seizures brought forward by Tenaglia & Hunt. We offer accessible payment plans to ensure that our services are within your reach. Whether you're grappling with credit card debt, medical bills, tuition costs, or other forms of consumer debt, we are here to provide the assistance you need. Our expertise lies in judgment-enforcement defense, particularly when confronting wage garnishments, bank seizures, or lawsuits (summons and complaints) initiated by Tenaglia & Hunt.

In New York, Tenaglia & Hunt uses the address of 488 Madison Avenue, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10022. It often represents original creditors such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citibank.

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Federal Cases Involving Tenaglia & Hunt, P.A.

Legal Triumph: Tenaglia & Hunt Prevails in Lawsuit Alleging FDCPA Violation

In Yungreis v. Tenaglia & Hunt, P.A., the court granted the defendant's motion to dismiss the complaint, which alleged that a debt collection letter violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) by failing to clearly communicate the debtor's rights. The court found that the language in the letter closely followed the statutory requirements and did not mislead or overshadow the debtor's rights.

3 Key Points:

  1. The FDCPA requires debt collection letters to include specific disclosures, known as "validation notices," regarding the debt and the debtor's rights to dispute it. However, the court determined that the letter in question met the requirements and did not mislead or deceive the debtor.
  2. The court emphasized that the analysis of whether a communication is misleading is based on the perspective of the "least sophisticated debtor," who is presumed to possess a basic level of understanding and willingness to read with care.
  3. Previous cases in the District of New Jersey and other jurisdictions have upheld similar language in debt collection letters, further supporting the court's conclusion that the letter in question was not in violation of the FDCPA.

Case Citation: Yungreis v. Tenaglia & Hunt, P.A., Civ. No. 18-16614, 07-03-2019.

State Cases Involving Tenaglia & Hunt, P.A.

Citibank Prevails in Lawsuit Against Holly A. Geyer for Breach of Contract and Account Stated

Citibank, N.A. filed a lawsuit against Holly A. Geyer for breach of contract and account stated after Geyer defaulted on her credit card payments. The Supreme Court, Appellate Term affirmed the judgment, ruling in favor of Citibank and awarding them the principal sum of $5,459.60.

3 Key Points:

  1. Citibank had standing to initiate the legal action as the entity that originally issued the credit card merged into Citibank, N.A., making them the rightful owner of the contract.
  2. Citibank established its cause of action for account stated by providing evidence that Geyer acknowledged the validity of the debt through partial payments on the account after the final charges were made.
  3. The Appellate Term upheld the lower court's decision, dismissing the breach of contract claim and awarding Citibank the requested amount.

Case Citation: CITIBANK, N.A., Respondent, v. Holly A. GEYER, Appellant. 2019-1674 N C, Decided on December 10, 2020.

Account stated law by Jesse Langel​​

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