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Velocity Investments, LLC

The Langel firm defends consumers against New York state court collection lawsuits brought by Velocity Investments, LLC. In appropriate cases, we may investigate claims against Velocity Investments, LLC for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and other applicable laws.

As of June 2013, Velocity Investments, LLC has filed at least 2,317 cases in Queens County alone. Velocity Investments, LLC is mainly represented by Malen & Associates, P.C., Kirschenbaum, Phillips & Roach, P.C., and Mullooly, Jeffrey, Rooney & Flynn, LLP.

Velocity Investments, LLC purchases defaulted consumer debt to collect and sue on them.

Velocity Investments, LLC Sued in Class Action for its Failure to Notify its Collection Agency of Disputed Nature of Consumer's Debt

Velocity held potentially liable under the FDCPA for failing to notify its collector of disputed nature of debt. See blog post here. Plummer v. Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc. 13-CIV-7562 (SDNY, Decided 12/8/14).

Velocity Investments, LLC Fails to Lay Foundation for Admission of Credit Card Statements

In Velocity Investments, LLC vs. Cocina (N.Y.A.D. 4th Dept. 2010), the Appellate Division for the Fourth Department of New York held that copies of credit card statements that were allegedly sent to the cardholder consumer were not admissible as business records.

Velocity Investments, LLC initially sued the consumer for breach of contract and account stated on a credit card issued by First Consumers National Bank. First Consumers National Bank assigned the debt to a third party that then assigned it to Velocity Investments. Velocity Investments moved for summary judgment, and the consumer cross-moved.

The 4th Department agreed with the consumer that the lower court erred in granting Velocity Investment's motion because it failed to submit nonhearsay evidence. Velocity Investments submitted copies of the credit card statements that were allegedly sent to the consumer, but "failed to lay a proper foundation for the admission of those documents as business records."

Velocity Investments, LLC Biographical Information

Velocity Investments, LLC is a foreign limited liability company incorporated in New Jersey and is principally located at 1800 Route 34 North, Building #4, Suite 404A, Wall, New Jersey, 07719. Velocity Investments, LLC is licensed (#1199638) by the Department of Consumer Affairs to collect debts in the City of New York.