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Most likely, you've received a "NOTICE OF GARNISHMENT" giving you 20 days to pay the judgment voluntary before Marshal Moses serves the attached "INCOME EXECUTION" directly on your employer.

An "income execution" is basically the legal document that starts the "wage garnishment." Your receipt of the NOTICE OF GARNISHMENT directs you to pay 10% of any and all salary, wages, or other income. A failure to do so will result in the Income Execution being served directly on your employer who will then forward to the marshal 10% of your paycheck before you get paid.

Ways to stop the garnishment:

  • Obtain a court order or stipulation vacating the court judgment (what we do).
  • Pay off the judgment directly with the Marshal.
  • Enter into an agreement with the plaintiff's attorneys to pay the judgment and/or hold the judgment in abeyance (suspension) while you pay off the judgment.

More information about what is happening, and how much can be taken from your wages:

Quick Facts about New York City Marshals:

  • New York City Marshals have been categorized as civil law enforcement officers, public officers, and ministerial officers.
  • New York City Marshals collect court-ordered fees for private litigants whose judgments they enforce; Marshals also collect 5% "poundage" on top of that.
  • New York City Marshals may seize money, movable property (for instance, inventory from a business), vehicles, and return possession of rental premises to landlord (evictions).
  • New York City Marshals of the City Civil Court have the same powers and duties as Sheriffs of the Supreme Courts.
  • New York City Marshals are appointed by the mayor.
  • New York City Marshals' fees are granted by statute.
  • Marshals' official activities are bonded to guard against malfeasance or nonfeasance.
  • A marshal has the power to serve execution notices and physically levy property.
  • Marshals must keep detailed records subject to review by the appellate division.
  • City marshals pay an annual fee and percentage of their gross fees to New York City.
  • Marshals are authorized and controlled by the New York City Civil Court Act.

Contact us right away if you've received any communication from a New York City Marshal. It is not too late to protect your money and assets.

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