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Bank Account Frozen? We can help.

A "Restraining Notice," signed and mailed by the creditor's attorney, operates to "freeze" the money in your bank account up to double the amount of the judgment. A restraining notice is a powerful judgment-enforcement tool. It operates on the legal presumption that you were properly served with all predicate notices. Many of our clients are served with legally important documents at outdated addresses. A credible challenge to service is always worth investigating.

If your account has been frozen, contact a New York bank-release lawyer right away. You need to know 1) what money is exempt; 2) how to claim your exemptions to release the account; 3) how to file emergency papers in court to prevent a marshal from taking your money after its been frozen; and 4) how to get your money back.

We stand up for you in response to bank restraints.

Did a Creditor Freeze Your Bank Account?

Our blog discusses the restraining notice in more detail...

Here's How it Happened

Bank Release Lawyer Serving New York

New York State has its own set of rules and procedures for claiming exempt funds in a restrained bank account. City, state, and federal laws may protect you. Consult Jesse Langel, Esq. LL.M. for assistance.

Our strategy is to immediately claim applicable exemptions to the amount "attached" (frozen or restrained) while simultaneously applying to the court to vacate (overturn) the money / default judgment that enabled the bank freeze.

Contact a New York bank release lawyer if your bank account has been frozen and you need legal assistance.

Click the below graphic to learn the law about how creditors secure their default judgments in the first place: