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Bank Account Frozen? We can help.

Millions of New Yorkers depend on their bank accounts as their only source of money. Wages get directly deposited into them. Checks get automatically withdrawn from them. So when you abruptly find your account frozen, you are at the complete mercy of the law firm that froze it. When you call the law firm to get information, you are met by an insensitive collector who is interested in one thing – your money.

To many collectors, it does not matter whether or not you've been mistaken for somebody else, or if it's the right amount, or if you were ever notified of anything, or if you never owed the debt. Unless you surrender your money or take quick legal action, the money will be taken from you.

A frozen bank account results from your collector's lawyer serving a "restraining notice" on your bank. It's a powerful judgment enforcement tool permitted on the assumption that you were properly notified of the lawsuit and of the restraint itself. Collectors are permitted to freeze double the amount of the judgment. Too many of our clients were never notified of either. It's a violation of due process that results in a deprivation of property.

If your account has been frozen, contact a New York bank release lawyer right away. You need to know 1) what money is exempt; 2) how to claim your exemptions to release the account; 3) how to file emergency papers in court to prevent a marshal from taking your money after its been frozen; 4) how to get your money back; and 5) how to sue the collectors and lawyers for wrongfully freezing your account.

We stand up for you and sue debt collectors and collection lawyers for negligent or reckless use of restraining notices.

Did a Creditor Freeze Your Bank Account?

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Here's How it Happened

Bank Release Lawyer Serving New York

New York State has its own set of rules and procedures for claiming exempt money and stopping a bank restraint. City, state, and federal laws are involved and you need a skilled lawyer in this area of practice to use them swiftly to protect you.

Our strategy is to immediately claim exemptions with the bank and the judgment creditor while simultaneously applying to the court to vacate (remove) the money / default judgment that has given the lawyer the power to freeze your account in the first place. Once your money is released using one or both methods, then we unwind what happened and hold any party responsible for negligently or recklessly using the process to freeze your money.

Contact a New York bank release lawyer if your bank account has been frozen and you need to release it.