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Stephen P. Dewey, Esq., P.C.

The Langel Firm defends you against collection lawsuits brought or enforced by Stephen P. Dewey, Esq., P.C. Whether you're dealing with a medical debt or other consumer debt, we can help. We have particular expertise in the area of judgment defense involving wage garnishments, bank seizures, or lawsuits (summons and complaint).

Stephen P. Dewey, Esq., P.C. is a law firm with a mailing address of PO Box 2511, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510-2511.

2 Quick Tips to When Responding to Judgment Enforcement

1) Understand Exemptions:

  • Wage Exemption: In NY, garnishment limited to the lesser of 10% gross wages or 25% disposable earnings.
  • Social Security & Retirement: Generally exempt from garnishment, with exceptions like federal taxes or child support.
  • Public Assistance & Unemployment: Typically exempt from garnishment.
  • Personal Property Exemption: Exempts items like clothing and furniture up to a set value.

2) Gather Evidence:

  • Affidavits explaining the reason for the default.
  • Documentary evidence supporting your claims.

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