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Need Help with A Debt-Collection Lawsuit, Wage Garnishment, or Bank Restraint?

We Defend Lawsuits, Bank Restraints, and Wage Garnishments

The Langel Firm is dedicated to defending consumers against debt-collection lawsuits, judgment enforcement, and collection abuse. Whether you've received a summons, a bank restraint ("freeze"), or a wage-garnishment notice, you need a firm that understands procedural law, contract law, and debt-collection regulation.

We thoroughly investigate the facts, attack bad service of papers, and challenge the admissibility of all evidence. Since many of our clients are suffering from bank restraints or wage garnishments, we take swift action to protect exempt money (i.e. income earned, unemployment, retirement, and Social Security) while resolving the underlying judgment. We are happy to negotiate or litigate on your behalf. We do so with your financial security and credit-health as our objectives.

Are you facing a collection lawsuit? Experiencing collection mistreatment? Contact The Langel Firm today at (888) 271-7109.

Fight Debt Collectors, Wage Garnishments, and Frozen Bank Accounts

At our firm, we fight against the devastating effects of money / default judgments. In warranted cases, we'll take action against debt collectors for violating collection laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Consumers are often simply unaware of powerful laws available to protect them. Mr. Langel and the firm provide a cutting-edge legal defense against collectors at an affordable cost.

Do you know your rights?

Let us help you stop that wage garnishment or release that frozen bank account. We always check proper notice, and a lack thereof, helps in litigation at different points. At any time before, during, or after a debt lawsuit, we can help. Important rights must be raised at the first communication between you and the debt collector.

So call us at (888) 271-7109 for a free consultation right away.

Creditor Harassment and Unfair Collection Lawsuits in NYC

Even if you owe a debt, you have rights as a consumer. City, state, and federal laws exist to protect you. Collectors can be held strictly liable for doing certain acts, such as:

  • Calling family, friends, or neighbors to collect a debt
  • Insulting, yelling, or harassing you
  • Calling your workplace
  • Misleading or deceiving you with confusing letters or calls
  • Misrepresenting the amount or ownership of the debt
  • Suing you without meaningful attorney review
  • Suing you in a county other than where you live
  • Intentionally suing you at a wrong address
  • Suing you without ownership of the debt or for the wrong amount
  • Placing inaccurate information on your credit reports

Not only can you recover money for the above violations, but the collector may be required to pay your legal bills. If you have experienced any of the above, or sense that you've been treated unfairly, call our firm immediately to request a free initial consultation where we can discuss your situation together.

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Client Testimonials

  • “I would recommend the Langel Firm to anyone seeking the best.”

    Past Client

  • “They quickly got me off the hook for a sizable judgement AND ended up getting ME money.”

    Happy Client

  • “The Langel Firm provided incredibly efficient, professional, and quality debt defense services for our organization.”

    Past Client

  • “I am forever in gratitude to him. Never in my life did I expect this type of service.”

    Barbara Bassett

  • “Jesse Langel is a rarity... a hardworking, dedicated, intelligent attorney who will work tirelessly for his clients.”

    Past Client

Our Dedication to Debt-Defense Law Is Reflected by the Following Achievements and Activities:

  • Jesse Langel was handpicked as a "top three" consumer lawyer in New York (
  • AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®
  • Appearance in SuperLawyers magazine
  • Rated "Excellent" by
  • National Institute for Trial Advocacy
  • Study and practice of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting act (FCRA)
  • Study and practice of judgment-enforcement procedure (bank restraints, wage garnishments, and levies)
  • Jesse Langel has an advanced law degree (LL.M.) in Taxation

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