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The Langel Firm Overturns $38K Garnishment by LR Credit 4, LLC

Facing a $38,458 garnishment by Marshal Gregg E. Bienstock, our client felt as if he ran out of options. He even paid a couple thousand dollars toward the garnishment. But after exploring his rights (outside of bankruptcy, which we fight to keep you out of), we decided to aggressively challenge the case based on our cutting-edge arguments coupled with some of the typical vulnerabilities that accompany older debt-buyer cases.

Unsurprisingly, the affidavit of service (the document that swears to service of the summons and complaint) contained statements that were false. Moreover, the process server, Andrew Lindauer, had his process-serving license revoked for lying in affidavits of service.

We immediately notified LR Credit 4, LLC's attorneys, Kirschenbaum & Phillips, P.C., that we intended to take action against all parties knowingly vouching for an affidavit of service known to be false similar to Sykes v. Mel Harris.