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Portfolio Recovery Associates

The Langel Firm defends consumers against New York state court collection lawsuits brought by Portfolio Recovery Associates. In appropriate cases, we will also sue Portfolio Recovery on your behalf in federal court for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently levied millions of dollars in penalties against Portfolio Recovery for collection defects. See that blog post here.

Portfolio Recovery Associates was accused in a 2011 class action of filing thousands of affidavits signed by employee Martha Kunkle – who had been dead for fifteen years. Shortly after that class action, Portfolio again used affidavits signed by the deceased Ms. Kunkle in another case. The court threw out that case, and the consumer then sued Portfolio alleging abuse of process. See the court's decision at Hempel-Dubois v. Portfolio Recovery Associates.

Portfolio's defective case creates great law for debt defense lawyers and NY consumers

Portfolio was the plaintiff in a key 2012 statute of limitations case called Portfolio Recovery Associates v King in which New York's highest court held that, in debt buyer cases, the statute of limitations of the state where the original creditor was based applies in collections cases if that statute is shorter than New York's. See more about that case in Portfolio Recovery Associates and Making Statutes of Limitations Work for You.


Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) in 2011 was the sixth largest debt buyer in the United States, based on net income in 2010 of $372.7 million, according to Collections and Credit Risk. In New York, Portfolio Recovery Associates is frequently represented by: Forster and Garbus, LLP and Malen & Associates, P.C. It is a foreign limited liability company with a principal place of business in Norfolk, Virginia.