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Debt Collection Defense

Firm Objectives:

  • Protect consumers and businesses against debt-collection lawsuits
  • Vacate (overturn) money judgments
  • If necessary, take action against collection agencies, law firms, and debt buyers for collection abuses that prejudice our clients

Our Niche:

We oppose the same lawyers, banks, and debt buyers repeatedly.

Our Strategy:

We stay cutting edge in debt-collection litigation with particular expertise in credit-card lawsuits, overturning money judgments, and collection misconduct.

We always investigate:

  • Ownership of the debt
  • Proper service of all legal papers, including Summons, Complaint, Judgment, notices, and Exemption-Claim Forms
  • Admissibility of all of the collector's evidence, including the alleged credit-card agreement and account statements

Our Fair Debt Collection Practices Act expertise helps improve your legal positioning by identifying and using instances of collector misconduct.

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False Advertising in Food, Dietary Supplements & Health Products

Firm Objectives:

  • Protect consumers against falsely advertised products
  • Prosecute civil lawsuits against companies that deceptively advertise in the areas of food (meat, poultry, fish, and dairy), textiles, dietary supplements (energy drinks, essential oils, and homeopathic remedies), dental aligners, cosmetics, health equipment, and other health-related products

  • Preserve the public's constitutionally protected right to receive truthful and non-misleading information about product benefits, safety, and values
  • Secure money damages and injunctive relief against meat suppliers who cause injury in whatever form

Our Niche:

Jesse Langel has developed a deep passion for preemption law in the area of product labeling, which has sharpened the firm's analytical ability to determine the strengths and weaknesses in potential false-advertising cases.

Our Strategy:

We deeply investigate facts, conduct FOIA requests, and bring lawsuits in state and federal court. Our expertise in consumer-deception law and false-advertising law translates into efficient results.

Please understand, my friends, that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome for you. While we are delighted to convey our positive experiences protecting debtors similarly situated, nothing should be construed and relied upon as legal advice.

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