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Houslanger & Associates, PLLC

The Langel Firm defends consumers against New York state court collection lawsuits brought by Houslanger & Associates PLLC. In appropriate cases, we may also investigate for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The Langel Firm has represented consumers in numerous cases brought by the Houslanger firm. Houslanger's clients in those cases included debt buyers Centurion Capital Corp., Rushmore Recoveries and Asta Group.


We promptly stopped a $16,077 garnishment and settled the entire case for $2,100 payable at $100 per month. We argued that certain sections of New York law required service of post-judgment notices at a correct address. In this case, the garnishment papers cited an incorrect apartment number. The plaintiff was Rushmore Recoveries XIV, LLC, represented by Houslanger & Associates, PLLC. (Rushmore Recoveries XV, LLC v. Ferguson, 88518/07).

In Velocity Investments, LLC. v. Ungerer, Index # 187/07, we convinced Houslanger & Associates and Velocity to vacate a $21,538.91 judgment and discontinue its own lawsuit amid the sewer service scandal that involved the corrupt process serving company, American Legal Process.


Houslanger & Associates, PLLC is a New York domestic professional services limited liability company with an office in Huntington, New York.