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Unpaid Cell Phone Bills and Cell Phone Related Debt

Like delinquent credit-card debt, debt buyers often purchase delinquent cell-phone accounts in massive pools, and then sue consumers by the thousands. Data errors and identity mix-ups plague cell-phone debt portfolios. Some people are wrongfully targeted for another's cell phone debt all together.

Cell-phone debt implicates a federal law that may shorten the statute of limitations to two years. If you have been sued beyond two years from your last default, you may have a potent defense—and potential counterclaim. Here is a comprehensive discussion about the statutes of limitations.

Old, unsecured debts are commonly referred to as "zombie debt" because they are old, charged-off accounts of questionable origin. The high-volume cell-phone debt market is prone to collection abuse and credit reporting violations.

Suing on a stale debt (past the "statute of limitations") may provide a basis for dismissal and attorneys' fees. It's important to contact a New York debt defense attorney to investigate any claim of an unpaid cell-phone debt. Contact us if you're being pursued for cell phone debt or any other debt.

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Whether it's cell-phone debt, credit-card debt, medical debt, or loan debt, you need competent representation so you don't lose important defenses. We will ensure that you are treated fairly with equal footing against your creditor. Plus, state and federal laws exist to recover you money if debt collectors violate the law.

Contact a New York debt defense lawyer to learn your best defenses against cell-phone debt collection.