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Unpaid Cell Phone Bills and Cell Phone Related Debt

Like credit card debt, debt buyers purchase delinquent cell phone accounts in massive pools and then sue consumers by the thousands. I see as several collection mistakes in cell phone collections as I see in credit card debt. We represent people who are targeted for cell phone debt but who have no connection to the debt. We represent family members of cell phone users who are wrongfully targeted to pay the debt.

Cell phone debt is unique because it implicates federal communication laws that may shorten the time in which a collector can sue you. If you are sued for cell phone debt may be over two years old, you may have a strong counterclaim against any collector who sued you. Old, unsecured debts are commonly referred to as "zombie debt" because they are old, charged-off accounts of questionable origin.

Suing you for a debt too old (past the "statute of limitations") is illegal and could serve as a basis to recover damages and attorney's fees. So it is important to contact a New York debt defense attorney to fight back any claim of an unpaid cell phone bill. The high-volume cell phone bill collection business is prone to collection abuse and credit reporting violations. I invite you to contact us if you're being pursued for cell phone debt or any other debt.

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Whether its cell phone debt, credit card debt, medical debt, or loan debt, you cannot afford to lose money and rights due to overzealous debt collectors who willfully trample on your rights. You are entitled to – and should use – a sound legal defense against any claim of debt. It will ensure that you are treated fairly with equal footing against the debt collection industry. Plus, laws exist to recover you money when debt collectors violate the law, which is often.

Contact a New York debt defense lawyer to learn your best defenses against cell phone debt collection.