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Collection harassment comes in many forms. Sometimes clear, and sometimes not. You would be well-served with a lawyer who can spot any deception and use it to your advantage. The disparity in power between the collection industry and the consumer sector lends itself to abuse. Unaware consumers are often confused and vulnerable to deception.

The well-rounded consumer-protection attorney will use all available laws and tools to combat out-of-court contacts or deceptive litigation tactics. When abuse or harassment exists, you need a lawyer who will aggressively stand up for you. We are happy to fill that role. And we are happy to do so using a a customized fee structure that makes sense for you.

Click the below graphic for a comprehensive list of what debt collectors may not do.

Visit our collection abuse page to see common forms of creditor harassment.

Debt Defense Lawyer in New York

Jesse Langel and The Langel Firm have been defending against debt-collection lawsuits for nearly 15 years. Expertise and relationships built during that time matter. Jesse is an impassioned consumer advocate who loves the professionalism of lawyering.

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