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Stop Harassment from Credit Collectors

Creditor and debt collector harassment comes in many forms, including verbal abuse, deceptive letters, and unfair lawsuits. The bottom line is that you need a lawyer who is in the trenches everyday fighting these lawsuits in court. You need a lawyer who knows how to use state and federal laws that have teeth to fight against aggressive debt collectors. The disparity in power between the collection industry and the consumer lends itself to abuse. Unaware consumers are often confused and taken advantage of through means of deception, intimidation and force.

The well-rounded consumer-protection, debt-defense lawyer will know and use laws relating to creditor abuse, including pre-lawsuit contacts, unfair lawsuit tactics, and post-lawsuit judgment enforcement tactics that can literally freeze the only money you have. When abuse or harassment exists, you need a lawyer who will aggressively take action against the responsible creditor. You need the protection to protect against present and future harm. We are happy to fill that role. And we are happy to do so using a fee arrangement that not only could save you money – but could also make you money.

Visit our collection abuse page to see common forms of creditor harassment.

Debt Defense Lawyer in New York

We shine a bright light on creditor weaknesses and missteps, and use them to your advantage. But the core of our practice is aimed at defeating creditor cases fair and square. We have the advantage of not handling tens of thousands of cases – like the creditors do – and are therefore able to dedicate our resources to a full and thorough defense in your case. Our custom billing strategies and opportunity to make money from collector misconduct gives you access to our services.

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