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Debt Collection Defense Attorney in New York

Types of Debt

The Langel Firm battles all forms of consumer debt, including credit card debt, loans, car repossession deficiency claims, medical debt, and cell phone debt. All claims for debt are subject to legal defenses and evidentiary challenges. Furthermore, debt collectors and collection lawyers are governed by the same collection laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Don't allow yourself to be bullied even if you think you may owe the debt. Don't assume that you have no defenses even if you owe a debt – many times you have strong legal defenses.

A New York debt defense attorney can advise you as to what claims should settle and what claims should be fought. No matter what, the playing ground must be fair. If you have been dragged into a lawsuit, you should definitely immediately consult us for a free consultation.

Regardless of the amount and type of debt, you will gain valuable input from a defense attorney who will examine the facts of your case. City, state, and federal consumer protection laws exist that you may be unaware of. The Langel Firm handles only debt defense cases and we have developed the "go to" reputation when consumers are facing legal collections.

Whatever stage in the debt collection effort is in, we will be happy to give you a free consultation to discuss your defenses and strategy. But call us immediately if a money judgment has been entered, or you're having your wages garnished, or you have a frozen bank account.

Debt Collection Defense Lawyer in New York

The Langel Firm has experienced great success fighting debt lawsuits supporting the notion that even moderate resistance goes a long way. But we strive for excellence and take swift action against harassment, collector abuse, and credit reporting violations.

Come to our office for a fee consultation. A New York debt defense attorney will educate you on your rights. In many cases, it is possible to take legal action against your against an unfair debt collection lawsuit.