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Understanding Medical Debt

Unexpected sickness or injury can sink anybody into debt quickly. A simple visit to the emergency room can cost thousands of dollars or more. Medical costs are constantly rising. Even with medical insurance, a steep deductible may exist.

Some collection law firms focus in medical debt. Fortunately, some high-volume debt collectors may lack access to good, admissible evidence. Even a modest defense may result in a substantially improved legal position. The Langel Firm challenges the legal admissibility of bills and records used against you. We enforce privacy laws prohibiting the release of your medical records without your consent. Debt collectors may not access your confidential medical information without following federal and state regulations.

Beyond privacy concerns, defenses relating to the value of services, prior insurance payments, and contractual defects are also aggressively raised by The Langel Firm. Here is a blog that discusses hospital debts. Here is another blog that lists 11 medical-debt protection laws under New York Public Health Law § 2807.

Regardless of the size or circumstances of your medical debt, a qualified New York debt-defense lawyer can help protect you and your family.

Medical Debt Lawyer Serving New York

The health-care industry is at times the largest employer in New York City. With almost 40,000 doctors' offices and almost 80 hospitals, New York City is a hotbed of medical-collection activity. With that sheer volume, mistakes, abuse and harassment are inevitable. We can help identify evidentiary problems and collector missteps to help you.

Contact a New York medical debt lawyer to best protect you against aggressive medical debt collectors.