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Credit Card Debt and Collections Defense in New York City

This Firm aims to challenge every piece of evidence used against you in a credit card lawsuit. Credit card debt comprises 70% of the debt accounts sold to debt buyers. Debt buyers tend to have weak and inadmissible proof of ownership and validity of the debt. Important legal defenses can – and should – be raised whether you're being sued for $500 or $50,000 in credit card debt whomever the creditor. Every credit card lawsuit warrants aggressive resistance to best protect you.

We understand how banks, debt collectors, and collection lawyers gather and transfer the data used against you. We study the weaknesses in collectors' practices and use collector misconduct as leverage against the underlying debt. We study evolving and current laws of courts across the country for the strongest protection.

In short, we are the "go to" law practice to fight credit card lawsuits. This is all we do and we strive to be the best. Regardless of the validity of the underlying debt, you are entitled to an aggressive defense.

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Credit Card Debt Lawyer in New York

Positioned ideally in lower Manhattan, the firm enjoys quick access to all courts in New York City. Our location is ideal to quickly file emergency papers to stop garnishments and bank restraints. We are familiar with local court practices and rules that you'll need to handle the case properly. We are familiar with the practices of local debt collectors and the collection lawyers who represent them. We believe that our reputation advocating for consumer debtors contributes to our success.

New York City is an extremely active debt litigation city with over 300,000 lawsuits brought against consumers each year. Less than 1% of those consumers are represented by an attorney. New York consumers get crushed with default judgments and unfavorable settlements. The Langel Firm would be honored to fight your credit card case!

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