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Unfair Lawsuits

Abusive collection attempts and unfair lawsuits are unfortunately not uncommon in today's modern society. Sadly, many creditors and debt collection agencies are taking illegal action against individuals that owe debts. In some cases, the lawsuit brought against the individual is unfair. In such a case, their bet recourse would be the assistance of a New York debt defense attorney.

It is not uncommon for an individual to be faced with an unfair debt collection lawsuit regarding debt recovery. In some cases, the debt was never owed in the first place. In others, there were abusive and illegal actions that took place which must be defended by a skilled attorney. In addition to defending rights and ensuring that no incorrect actions are taken, an attorney can help a debtor by responding to his or her lawsuit in a beneficial way.

There are many ways that an unfair lawsuit can be brought against an individual. The Langel Firm has repeatedly exposed weaknesses in creditor's cases to their clients' benefit. They are dedicated to defending consumers in lawsuits alleging credit card debt, deficiency claims, medical and other types of debt.

Debt Collection Defense Lawyer in New York

The firm has helped many clients by exposing third-party debt buyers that fail to possess and produce sufficient evidence to prove ownership and validity of the alleged debts. They are focused on vacating money judgments and securing dismissals in debt cases. With years of experience in high-stakes litigation, The Langel Firm has provided effective debt relief on an emergency basis to many.

Anyone facing an unfair lawsuit involving debts should speak with a debt defense attorney from the firm at their earliest convenience. There are many factors involved in unfair debt collection lawsuits that can be used to your advantage if you contact an attorney immediately.

Contact a New York debt defense attorney if you are faced with an unfair lawsuit and need legal assistance to fight back.