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Debt Defense Attorney in New York

Unfair Lawsuits

Mistaken, frivolous, or even abusive, collection lawsuits appear from time-to-time. A New York debt defense attorney can be of tremendous help. A facility with procedural and substantive law is key for vigorously defending collection cases. Even A little help goes a long way.

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Debt Collection Defense Lawyer in New York

The Langel Firm quickly assesses the quality of evidence needed in each case. Most of our cases involve overturning judgements, defending against cases before a judgment is entered. Judgments are high-priority debts, which is why they deserve an urgent response. With over 15 years of experience in debtor-creditor litigation, Jesse Langel has provided effective debt-law services, often on an emergency basis.

We are happy to assist you with lawsuits involving credit card debt, car-loan debt, medical debt, and other types of debt.

Anyone defending against a lawsuit involving debts is invited to contact us right away.

Contact a New York debt defense attorney if you are faced with an unfair lawsuit and need legal assistance to fight back.