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Collection Abuse Defense: Your Rights

If you feel victimized by a collector, collection attorney, or Marshal, contact us right away. Federal, state, and city laws exist to guard against that abuse. Broad consumer laws generously protect you. Let's use them!

Some strictly prohibited practices include:

  • Calling family, friends or neighbors
  • Calling your place of work to harass you
  • Threatening lawsuits, garnishments, liens or having you arrested
  • Insulting, yelling at you or harassing you
  • Using profanity
  • Misleading you with confusing letters or calls
  • Suing you without supporting evidence
  • Suing you intentionally at an incorrect address
  • Suing you without supporting evidence of debt ownership and the correct amount
  • Placing inaccurate information on your credit report

Save all letters and legal papers. Record all voicemails (I've found "GoogleVoice" to be an effective recording tool). Voicemails and documents are powerful evidence.

Click the below graphic to learn more about what collectors may not do.