New York City Debt Collection Defense Attorney
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New York Debt Defense Attorney

Debt Collection Defense and Court Appearances

Whichever stage your debt-collection lawsuit is in, we can help. We can intervene before you're sued, after you're sued, or after a judgment has been entered. If you're anxious about an upcoming court appearance, let's talk about your case (for free) to discuss sound strategy. We'd recommend that you hire us only if we strongly believe we can bring you significant value. We offer custom payment plans that make sense for your circumstances.

Evolving city, state, and federal laws may benefit you tremendously. A competent attorney who stays abreast of laws can make the difference between hardship and peace of mind.

If you have an upcoming court appearance, you need not feel anxious or overwhelmed. Nor do you need to be pushed into a settlement agreement where you do not know all the facts. Know your rights. You need not feel stressed about your debt or court appearance. We are happy to help.

But do not miss the court date because you may be found in default-resulting a money /default judgment being against you. Although we can still help, the legal burden of re-opening the case is. Contact us sooner rather than later.

We would be happy to represent you with whatever the type of debt at issue. We battle credit card debt, loans, car repossession deficiency claims, medical debt and other debts.

Debt Defense Attorney in New York City

Aside from the skilled application of law, what you'll get when you hire Jesse Langel of The Langel Firm is a reputation of a known advocate for debtors in the NYC debt-collection industry. Jesse is an active consumer attorney and enjoys standing up for the consumer against the powerful collection industry. He delivers cutting-edge litigation-defense services at an affordable price.

Anyone facing a court appearance regarding debt should contact a New York debt defense attorney.