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Debt Collection Defense and Court Appearances

Whatever stage your debt collection lawsuit is in, we can help. We can jump in before you're sued or after you're sued. If you are anxious about an upcoming court appearance, let's talk about your case (for free) to discuss your strategy and defenses. I would recommend that you hire us only if I strongly believed we would save you money while resolving your case. We work out custom payment plans that make sense in each particular case. We are also glad to work out fee arrangements where we'll require less up front if there is opportunity to recover against the debt collector for unlawful collection practices.

Many times, you will not recognize the company suing you. That is because debts are transferred and lawyers replace each other (without proper notice to you). Those facts actually work in your favor resulting in more defenses to you.

If you have an upcoming court appearance, don't feel anxious, and don't get bullied by a collection lawyer trying to push you into a settlement agreement. Know your rights. Don't feel belittled or harassed over any debt or court appearance. It's not worth it, and you probably have strong defenses that you are unaware of.

Get a skilled New York debt defense attorney on your side to protect your money and assets. But do not miss the court date because you will be in default resulting a money /default judgment against you.

We would be happy to represent you with whatever the type of debt at issue. We battle credit card debt, loans, car repossession deficiency claims, medical debt and other debts.

Debt Defense Attorney in New York City

Aside from the skilled application of law, what you'll get when you hire Jesse Langel of The Langel Firm is a reputation of a known advocate for debtors in the NYC debt collection industry. Jesse Langel is a dedicated member NACA (National Association of Consumer Attorneys) and enjoys standing up for the consumer against the powerful collection industry. He delivers cutting edge litigation defense services at an affordable price aimed at defeating creditor lawsuits and keeping you out of bankruptcy.

Jesse Langel's appearance on your behalf has the positive effect of communicating the message that not only will the debt be vigorously disputed, but that the debt collector and collection lawyer could easily be on the receiving end of a lawsuit if they violate the law.

Anyone facing a court appearance regarding debt should contact a New York debt defense attorney.