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Credit Reporting Violations in New York City

Aggressive debt collectors can damage your credit

Charge-offs, late payments, collection accounts, judgment liens, and inaccurate data can wreck your credit, hurt your financial reputation, and cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your life-time. Collectors who misreport information on your credit can be liable under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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Check your credit reports!

You can get one free each year (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) at You may discover incorrect or outdated information, which you will need to address. Each credit reporting agency processes about a billion of pieces of information about consumers each year. Banks, lenders, and debt collectors ("furnishers") report negative behavior. Some furnishers and debt collectors break the law by modifying or extending dates of last payment to extend the time in which you can be sued.

Some debt collectors obtain your credit report without proper permission and are able to hurt your credit. This practice is illegal and debt collectors can be liable for punitive damages.

Fortunately, for consumers who need to challenge a bad or false mark on their credit, a dispute process exists to trigger investigations by the credit bureaus and the creditor who reported that bad mark. If the credit bureau or creditor fails to properly investigate the dispute, you can sue to recover money damages for harm and financial injury.

Credit reporting and debt collection go hand-in-hand. Knowing the laws that regulate both is an advantage of The Langel Firm that will provide you with more protection.

Default Judgments in City Civil Courts are Enforceable for 20 Years

Consumers unaware of legal proceedings suffer default judgments at staggering rates. As a result, the judgment may wind up as a lien on real estate, and as a matter of public record. A judgment may block access to needed money, housing, insurance, and employment.

Judgments can be resolved through settlement or legal action. The particular facts of your case will determine the best, quickest routes to remove those judgments. We know how to ensure and enforce removal or satisfaction of those judgments.

The Langel Firm provides custom legal services to re-open cases and overturn money/default judgments. Whether you have one judgment on your credit report or 10, we can help you and drastically improve your situation. We often accomplish this without resorting to bankruptcy, a standard that sets this Firm apart of other attorneys.

Contact a New York City credit damage lawyer to help you fight back against creditors who hurt your credit.