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Consumer Protection Law & Consumer Fraud Attorney: Fighting Back in New York

Where opportunities exist to deceive unwary consumers, they are likely to be exploited. Consumer-debt litigation is no exception. It's a high-volume activity with systems that can produce questionable evidence. The good news is that city and state regulations have improved to require a clearer chain of custody before lawsuits are filed. Nevertheless, problems do arise and debt collectors may cut corners, which leads to mistakes and injustices.

Private attorneys and legal-aid groups are needed to help consumers against deceptive collection activity.

Contact a New York consumer fraud attorney if you have been taken advantage of and need to enforce your rights.

Consumer Defense Lawyer in New York City

General Business Law § 349 (Deceptive Acts and Practices) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act serve as powerful tools against aggressive debt collectors. The Langel Firm's expertise in these consumer-protection laws have translated into better results against collection lawsuits.

The Federal Trade Commission and the New York Department of Consumer Affairs have reported that debt-collection abuse comprises the majority of consumer complaints so that is where we concentrate our efforts.

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