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No debt, valid or not, justifies any creditor to break the law. The debt collection industry in New York City has gotten so big that laws continue to evolve to regulate debt collectors.

For example, new city rules were passed holding process servers (outside workers who are supposed to deliver you notice) liable for actual damages, attorneys' fees and punitive damages for willfully not giving you notice. Too many of our cases involve instances where process servers simply lie in their court affidavits swearing to proper delivery of the papers. This practice violates is not only a civil violation – but it's a crime. Yet it's done daily as a matter of business practice and it erodes the integrity of our judicial system.

Getting beyond lack of notice, federal law, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, exists to punish debt collectors for using unfair collection tactics and credit reporting violations. For example, creditors may not misrepresent facts relating to the debt, harass you, insult you, take your money without proper notice, call third parties, or misreport information to the credit bureaus.

Procedural laws often go overlooked in consumer debt cases. For example, did you know that you may be sued only in the county in which you live? Did you know that debt buyers must produce a proper chain of assignment to obtain a default judgment? Did you know that 90% of your earned income within the last 60 days is exempt from collection?

Be smart. Protect yourself using a competent New York debt defense attorney.

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The Langel Firm uses its intense study of city, state and federal laws to protect you against debt collection attempts, however big or small the debt. Collectors do not discriminate in terms of who they target. Whether you are a college student, a successful professional, or a struggling parent, we would be honored to utilize our debt defense expertise to your advantage.

A surprising percentage of our debt defense cases result of counterclaims for collection abuse and credit reporting violations. Call us today for a free consultation.

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