New York City Debt Collection Defense Attorney

Sued for Debt? Top 15 Reasons to Consult a Lawyer

In 2024, New York has witnessed a surge in debt collection lawsuits and harassment cases. Over 96% of defendants sued in debt collection cases are unrepresented, and most are low-income seniors of limited English proficiency and/or have disabilities. It should come as no surprise that those impacted by debt collection are also disproportionately minority litigants. In 2019, 101,643 consumer credit lawsuits were filed in New York City Civil Courts alone.

If you've been sued for debt in New York, consulting with a skilled debt defense lawyer is crucial. Here are 15 compelling reasons why seeking legal representation can make all the difference in protecting your rights, assets, and financial future:

  1. Safeguard your assets from money judgments
  2. Assert essential legal defenses before it's too late
  3. Strengthen your negotiating power
  4. Pursue dismissals for lawsuit defects
  5. Halt creditor harassment in its tracks
  6. Gain confidence with a seasoned litigator by your side
  7. Potentially recoup attorneys' fees and damages for unfair collection practices
  8. Seize the opportunity to discuss your financial and credit well-being
  9. Restore your credit and chart a positive course forward
  10. Maximize your chances of defeating the case and the debt
  11. Unlock powerful rights under federal collection laws with attorney representation
  12. Turn the tables on creditors with counterclaims for their misconduct
  13. Recover substantial compensation for unfair collection tactics
  14. Leverage attorneys' legal expertise to minimize your liability
  15. Fight back against rampant debt collection harassment and mistaken identity

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