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Top Ten Consumer Frauds of 2015

The NY Attorney General published a press release listing the following top ten consumer frauds:

  1. Internet scams (i.e. privacy; consumer frauds)
  2. Automobile (i.e. buying; rental)
  3. Consumer-related services (i.e. security systems; tech repairs)
  4. Landlord/Tenant (i.e. tenant-harassment; security deposit releases)
  5. Credit (i.e. identity theft; debt settlement)
  6. Utilities (i.e. cable and satellite; wireless and residential phones)
  7. Home Repair/Construction (i.e. home improvement services)
  8. Retail Sales (i.e. sale of goods; rent-to-own)
  9. Mortgage (i.e. foreclosures; mortgage modifications)
  10. Mail Order (i.e. catalog purchases)

Check out the entire press release which includes tips on how to protect yourself here.