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Food-Label Law: Meat, Poultry, Dairy, and Fish

We pursue false-advertising cases against companies that misrepresent the existence of animal cruelty inherent in their products. Animal-derived products, such as meat, poultry, fish and even handbags, make claims such as "humanely raised," "ethically sourced," or "responsibly raised." Claims like these are often referred to as "humane-washing," which are misleading statements about the conditions in which animals are born, raised, or killed. We use research and evidence to rebut those advertising claims, and seek damages under New York General Business Law § 349 (Deceptive Acts and practices) and New York General Business Law § 350 (false advertising). Both statutes are designed to protect the consuming public against false and misleading advertising claims.

Federal-Labeling Laws are Inadequate

When it comes to meat, poultry, dairy, and fish, federals laws and regulations are complicated yet inadequate to provide the basic information as to how farmed animals are raised and killed.

Federal Acts such as the Federal Meat Inspection Act (FIMA) and Poultry Products, Inspection Act (PPIA) exist to ensure that meat and poultry products are "wholesome, not adulterated, and properly marked, labeled, and packaged." However, these Acts are inadequate tools for dispensing critical information to consumers about how animals are actually raised, or how our health is impacted by how the animals are treated. Bad animal welfare translates into unhealthy products that contradicts the fundamental right of consumers to know certain information about their food.

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