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Assertive Advocacy: My Approach to FDCPA and Consumer Rights

As a dedicated collection-defense attorney, my approach is far from what you might call 'nitpicking' over FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) technicalities. Instead, I take a robust and assertive stance in litigation, ready to invoke the full force of the FDCPA to protect my clients when they are left without the essential information they deserve.

While I'm not particularly fond of cases that hinge on the nuances of debt collection letters, I employ a straightforward, common-sense benchmark to assess their clarity. The core question I ask is simple: Does the collection letter effectively inform the consumer of their fundamental rights regarding the nature of the debt and the appropriate entity to remit payment to? This litmus test of basic clarity ensures that my client's rights are transparently communicated and vigorously defended.

Meet Asset Recovery Solutions, LLC of Des Plaines, Illinois. We have been coming across letters from this entity demanding money on behalf of debt buyers. The problem? The letters seek money based on New York default judgments but do not mention the court cases or the judgments. The letters almost go out of their way to omit the case information that would apprise the consumer of that material fact. 

Below is some information about this entity.

Affiliated Names and Subsidiaries

ARS Solutions, LLC

ARS ASSET RECOVERY, LLC (Fictitious – Source)

Asset Recovery Solutions, LLC Biographical Information

Asset Recovery Solutions, LLC is a foreign limited liability company incorporated in Des Plaines. It is licensed (#1309086) by the Department of Consumer Affairs to collect debts in the City of New York.


2200 E Devon Ave, Suite 200

Des Plaines, IL 60018

T : 877-518-8333

Asset Recovery Solutions, LLC is a debt buyer and debt collection agency. Founded in 2009, ARS works with many of the largest credit issuers in the United States. It operates in the credit card, consumer loan, automotive, and retail sectors.

Useful Links

Consumers use this website to get help with issues they're having with Asset Recovery Solutions. The complaints range from harassing phone calls to very rude phone reps and having their payments not be recorded. There are also reports of the collection agency billing people days earlier than their agreed payment date, causing issues.

Article—with a complaint—involving a class action against Asset Recovery Solutions.

An Order certifying a class action against Asset Recovery Solutions, LLC.

"How many Complaints are there against Asset Recovery Solutions?

As of March 2017, the Better Business Bureau reported 57 closed Asset Recovery Solutions complaints over the previous few decades, including 18 closed Asset Recovery Solutions complaints over the past 12 months. The BBB provides Asset Recovery Solutions an A+ rating. Additionally, Justia lists 20 Asset Recovery Solutions complaints filed in federal court in the past year alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, one alleging violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and one alleging violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Moreover, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) lists 25 closed Asset Recovery Solutions complaints for 2016."

List of Asset Recovery Solutions, LLC Contact Numbers – Lists all possible numbers ARS will contact you from. Warns consumers that this company is notorious for committing violations as well as threatening to garnish wages without actually doing so.

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