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Consent Order May Provide Relief for Chase Bank Debt

In 2015, Chase bank entered into a consent order in response to accusations from 47 Attorney Generals that Chase had committed several acts of systematic wrong-doing in its attempt to collect and sell debt, you can read more about it here. This Consent Order covers matters concerning Chase debt from 2009 until 2012.

The Order proved to be useful in defending a recent client who was being sued over a chase debt from 2010. Our client contacted us after receiving a Notice of Garnishment. She was applying for a promotion within her company and she was particularly worried about how the income execution would affect her efforts. We informed her that New York CPLR § 5252 would protect her with regard to her employment efforts. Our client was elated to learn that we were able to persuade opposing counsel to vacated the judgment and discontinue the action after emphasizing the consent order and Chase's "dirty hands".

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