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New York "Sewer Service" and "Robo-signing" Case Finally Settles

The Sykes v. Mel Harris class action finally ends with the parties coming to a settlement. The story was on the front page of today's New York Law Journal.

We've been reporting on this case since 2011 as reflected in the below blog links:

The case, which comprised of 355,000 class members, alleged that now-defunct Mel Harris & Associates with process serving agency, Samserv, Inc, engaged in the systematic filing of phony affidavits of service ("sewer service").

The large settlement of $59 million in restitution and fees represents a very good outcome for a consumer-debt action after a hard-faught battle between highly skilled lawyers on both sides. Mel Harris and co-defendants will be barred against further enforcement against the class members. They will also "assist" in vacating all of the default judgments entered against the class members.

Mel Harris and two other attorneys agreed never again to act as attorneys in any consumer debt collection proceeding.

Although spikes in default judgments from bad service has lessened since the 2008 era, we still see falsified affidavits of service on a fairly routine basis. Contact us right away if you've learned that a judgment has been entered against you.