New York City Debt Collection Defense Attorney

The Langel Firm Quickly Causes Voluntary Dismissal of Chase/Troy Capital Debt Lawsuit Raising Statute of Limitations

Our client was sued[1] for an alleged Chase debt with a default date of no later than August of 2007. Our firm quickly moved to dismiss the case under Portfolio v. King (Court of Appeals) arguing that Chase, the originating creditor, was limited to Delaware's 3-year statute of limitations by way of NY CPLR § 202 ("borrowing statute"), a procedural law that lmits creditors to the statute of limitations of its home state, if shorter than New York's. Troy Capital, represented by Stephen Einstein & Associates, quickly folded and agreed to discontinue its own case with prejudice.

[1] Troy Capital, LLC A/P/O Chase Bank, USA, N.A. v. M.B, 002727/12 (Voluntarily dismissed; September 2012)