New York City Debt Collection Defense Attorney

Top 15 reasons to consult a lawyer if you've been sued for debt

  1. You need to protect yourself and your assets from a money judgment.
  2. You need to raise certain legal defenses before you waive them.
  3. You need to increase your bargaining position.
  4. You need the option to seek dismissals for lawsuit defects.
  5. Stop creditor harassment.
  6. Feel better having a litigator on your side.
  7. Possibly recover your attorneys’ fees and damages for unfair collection conduct.
  8. Good opportunity to discuss your financial and credit health.
  9. Restore your credit and regain positive direction.
  10. Good chance of beating the case and the debt itself.
  11. Only an attorney can trigger certain rights under federal collection laws.
  12. Put your creditor on the defense by making counterclaims for unfair conduct.
  13. Actually recover good money for unfair collection practices.
  14. Attorneys know substantive and procedural law to minimize your exposure.
  15. Debt collection harassment and mistaken identity are at an all-time high.

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