New York City Debt Collection Defense Attorney launches "Protect Your Money"

The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs has implemented a new program it is calling “Protect Your Money.” You may have seen it advertised on the front and back pages of today’s AM New York newspaper, and details about this program are on the website.

We at The Langel Firm are delighted to see that the city has implemented this initiative. People who have been sued for debt often come to us after having signed up with debt settlement companies that promised them the world, but ended up costing them a lot of money and only making their financial situation worse. We see this over and over.

The Department of Consumer of Affairs website has a lot of great information, and we urge you to visit it before you sign up with a debt settlement company. And while we are not a credit repair or debt settlement company and we do not do credit counseling, if you have been sued for debt, or if you think you may be about to be sued for debt, before you pay a lot of money to a questionable debt settlement company, consider speaking to a debt defense and credit damage law firm like The Langel Firm.

Jesse Langel is licensed to practice in the New York federal and state courts. Learn more at The Langel Firm website.

-Sheril Stanford