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Sykes v. Mel Harris: Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement


Sykes v. Mel S. Harris and Associates LLC, No. 09 Civ. 8486


Have you received a notice with the above heading?

If you have, it is not junk mail, do not ignore it!

In 2011, a group of plaintiffs brought a class action suit against LR Credit and its subsidiaries, Leucadia National Corporation, Mel S. Harris & Associates, LLC, and Samserv, Inc. A class action suit is a court action commenced by a group of plaintiffs on behalf of a large group of others who have a common interest in the outcome of the suit. The plaintiffs alleged that the Defendants improperly collected debts from people in New York using fraudulent practices in violation of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Check out our blog on how this suit survived a Motion for Summary Judgment here. You can read the complaint and other court documents filed in the class action here.

The notice is an attempt to inform possible class members that a proposed settlement in the case may be finalized soon. If you received this notice, or if you were sued by LR Credit, you may be eligible for compensation under the class-action settlement. If you believe you are a class member entitled to recovery you must act promptly, class members must either file a claim form by April 7, 2016 or "opt out" by April 14, 2016. More information can be found here. To decipher all of this information and discuss your options contact us now for a free consultation!