New York City Debt Collection Defense Attorney

A Special Thank You from Jesse Langel, Esq., Debt-Defense Counsel

It is December 31, 2016, and I need to thank our wonderful clients, colleagues, and the New York State judiciary, all of which enable us to further this rewarding practice. It has been another busy year for us unfreezing bank accounts, stopping wage garnishments, and defending collection lawsuits. As the years pass, it continues to be an honor to advocate for the people who are in desperate need of our help. Causing direct, concrete, and positive change in a person's life during times of hardship is the fuel that keeps us going.

We continue to study other relevant areas of law to enrich our services to you. I'm nearing the completion of my Tax LL.M., which will enable us to defend you against the most feared creditor: the Internal Revenue Service. The Tax Code is a different beast and it deserves thousands of hours of study before assisting the public.

Please enjoy the content on this site. We hope it helps you solve your problem and buys you some peace of mind. Please call or write me anytime.

Signing out for 2016. Hello 2017!


Jesse Langel