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Jury award 1.26 million to woman wrongfully garnished

A federal jury in New Mexico awarded a woman $161,000 for emotional distress damages and 1.1 MILLION for punitive damages against a law firm, Farell & Sandlin, for ignoring truthful evidence when seeking to garnish the wages of the innocent plaintiff. One collector/employee of the law firm actually manipulated data by replacing the actual debtor's social security number with the innocent plaintiff's.

Farell & Sadlin represented Target National Bank.

The lesson here is not to confine your claim to the meager statutory damages scheme of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Collection lawyers across the country cause substantial injury to people by careless or even reckless misuse of the courts. Judgments and post-judgment enforcement proceedings (i.e. freezing your bank account and garnishing your wages) are obviously serious so contact us to help you if you receive any document from a lawyer, a bank, or a marshall indicating action that will be taken against your money.

-- Jesse Langel, Esq.

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