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Judge Spotlights Problems Faced By Unrepresented Debtors

Nassau County District Court Judge Ciaffa stepped in on behalf of a pro se debtor who had been sued by debt buyer LR Credit 21, LLC. The debtor, who had signed a stipulation of payment, told the judge at a settlement conference that she had been "intimidated" into signing the stipulation, and only signed after a lawyer from Mel Harris & Associates, which represented the buyer, convinced her she had no other choice. Judge Ciaffa said he was particularly troubled that the attorney from Mel Harris was unable to offer the court any proof of the debt, despite having been instructed to bring such proof to the conference. Having rejected the settlement, the case will now go forward to trial.

In a NY Law Journal front page article about the case, a graph notes there are 1.4 million low income New Yorkers who have civil legal problems. Many who decide to proceed without a lawyer are unaware of important defenses in debt buyer cases, such as the plaintiff's lack of standing.

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-Sheril Stanford