New York City Debt Collection Defense Attorney

Creditor bully you and hurt your credit? Consider your credit damage

What is credit damage?

A financial injury resulting in a reduced credit score, increased costs (i.e., interest rates) and a reduced ability to obtain credit.

Why is it important?

Your credit report is your financial reputation in print. A bad score could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout your life time. The mere presence of a judgment, for example, could cause your credit score to drop 150 points. The dollar value of your money judgment is not relevant. Therefore even a miniscule unpaid credit card debt that results in a judgment could devastate your credit and block your access to needed money.

The Langel Firm's mission to remove your judgment from your credit profile

The Langel Firm attacks judgments unfairly placed on consumers' credit reports. We invoke the court to remove them by judicial order, or we persuade your creditor's law firm to remove it consensually.

Maintaining a decent credit score is hard enough without creditors and debt buyers suing you at bad addresses to obtain default judgments. But if any debt lawsuit is defective or erroneous, and results in harm to your credit, do not discount the importance of being compensated in full for negligently caused injury.

So, let's get together and examine your credit reports to assess the best legal course of action to swiftly correct your credit, especially relating to a credit card judgment. You financial health is worth it.