About Us

Firm Objectives:

  • Protect consumers in debt collection lawsuits.
  • Vacate (overturn) money judgments.
  • Pursue debt collectors, collection agencies, lawyers, and process servers for collection abuses.

Our Niche:
We fight the same banks and collection agencies repeatedly. We are dedicated to doing only this.

Stay cutting edge in debt collection litigation with particular expertise in credit card lawsuits, overturning money judgments, and collection misconduct.

We always investigate:

  • Ownership of the debt;
  • Proper service of all legal papers, including summons, complaint, judgment, notices, and claim exemption forms; and
  • Admissibility of all of the collector's evidence, including the alleged credit card agreement and account statements.

Our expertise in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act helps improve your legal position by identifying and using instances of collector misconduct.

Please understand, my friends, that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome for you. While we are delighted to convey our positive experiences protecting debtors similarly situated, nothing should be construed and relied upon as legal advice.

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