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Where opportunities exist to deceive unwary consumers, they will be exploited. Fraud occurs when you have been injured by an intentional or reckless misrepresentation of a fact. In the debt collection industry, I see more fraud than in any other industry. I see falsified affidavits of service, misrepresentations as to ownership and amounts of debts, collector threats of garnishment and arrests, and other legal misrepresentations, which are relied upon by consumers who surrender their money.

Debt collection abuse and fraud is a freight train too big and powerful to be stopped by government regulators alone. Private attorneys and legal aid groups must help enforce state and federal laws that make wrongdoers liable for deceiving and hurting the consuming public. To this end, many laws require the wrongdoer to pay attorney's fees and damages to a plaintiff who successfully enforces these laws. These laws are essential to advancing marketplace justice. The Langel Firm uses them regularly to protect its clients and recover money damages.

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Every person in our great nation is entitled to equal protection of our laws. In a mega metropolis such as New York City, consumer protection laws are a necessary form of regulation and exist to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. This Firm is proud to stand up for those who need us, which has the ancillary benefit of ensuring fair trade competition and the free flow of truthful information in the marketplace. Our mission and purpose is for the greater good. We continue to advance that greater good whether we are fighting in the packed courtrooms of city civil court or in the eminently prestigious courts of the federal judiciary.

The Federal Trade Commission and the New York Department of Consumer Affairs report that debt collection abuse comprises the majority of consumer complaints so that is where we concentrate our efforts.

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