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Attempted Garnishment after Satisfaction of Judgment: A Case Study

The Langel Firm has been recently retained in several cases where consumers had been sued twice for the same debt.

In one matter, our client wasn't sued twice but was garnished twice, which also happens. Originally he hadn't been served properly, which led to a default judgment. The creditor got paid fully via wage garnishment. Our client acknowledged to owing the debt and did not want to contest the garnishment. He fully extinguished the judgment by fully paying it off.

Fast-forward three years. The same consumer received another Notice of Garnishment from the same debt. But this time it was being handled by a different law firm.

The consumer was baffled to receive the new Notice of Garnishment by the same creditor for an amount within $200 the first judgment balance.

Thankfully, we were able to swiftly work it out with nice results.

The Lesson Drawn for Being Pursued Twice for the Same Debt

If you fully paid a settlement, or satisfied (paid) a judgment, you should not experience any other enforcement action. Additionally, if you are still paying off a judgment (through wage garnishment, or by settlement), you may not (lawfully) be sued or pursued again for same debt.

Being pursued twice for the same debt violates city, state, and federal law.

For a list of 50 other types of debt-collection violations, click the below image:

50 Reasons to Sue your Debt Collector Under Federal Law

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