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Zwicker & Associates Case Dismissed for its Failure to Produce Process Server at Traverse Hearing

In a shocking display of blind adherence to phony affidavits of service, Zwicker & Associates ran out of arguments today when its case was thrown out by Judge Velasquez of Queens Civil Court.

The affidavits of service at issue were created by Adnan Omar of American Legal Process (ALP), the disgraced process serving company that was shut down by the Attorney General of New York for its systematic sewer service scandal that resulted in a state petition to overturn approximately 100,000 judgments. Zwicker & Associates, P.C. was named in that petition and therefore possessed actual knowledge of the fraud that permeated ALP's affidavit of service.

Adnan Omar was cited in the Attorney General's petition as swearing to be at two locations at once – at least 69 times.

The affidavits of service that we challenged were created and sworn in May of 2007 and January of 2008 – squarely in the middle of the Attorney General's audit period. In our cases, Omar claimed to have served our clients' spouses, which did not occur.

Notwithstanding our overwhelming showing that Omar's statements were false, and that he was no longer licensed, Zwicker dragged our clients to multiple traverse hearings that it had good reason to believe would no go forward.

The Langel Firm will now consider holding accountable Zwicker & Associates, P.C. for consumer law violations for its deceitful enforcement of these cases.

The case is Discover Bank v. Nieves, 002100/08/Q.