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The Firm Retains Rowboat Media to Design its Website

The face of a business is its website. A competing business cannot afford to lose customers by using a cheap-looking, poorly designed website. Lawyers are no exception. In fact, I could make the argument that a law firm's website is just as critical to its business as any other component. Lawyers are supposed to convey professionalism, sophistication, and good judgment.

After considerable empirical research, I've elected Rowboat Media to create that image for The Langel Firm. I have had several pre-engagement dealings with Cynthia LaLuna (co-owner) and some of her customers, and I conclude that this business provides elegant, simple, functional web designing services for the Wordpress Thesis platform. Cynthia LaLuna is also project manager. Her color schemes are sharp and crisp. I have the feeling that she will deliver for The Langel Firm. Her work will commence on November 15, 2010 and the site is expected to re-launch by the New Year.

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